Advisor Now

A Customizable Digital Storefront to Streamline the Open Account Process

Advisor Now is a highly configurable digital investment solution that brings together the simplicity of a robo-offering with a reputable infrastructure that automates the process of goal planning, portfolio selection, account opening, fund transfers, client communications and more.

  • Meet the growing online and mobile communication demands of your clients 
  • Capture the next generation of investors more profitably 
  • Compete in the digital advice marketplace 

Advisor Now provides a number of key benefits to clients:

  • Choose from a range of flexible investment options, creating proprietary models or selecting from a comprehensive list of third party strategists
  • Digital accounts are managed within the same investment policy guidelines set by the firm for managed accounts
  • And the system is highly configurable, enabling an efficient transition from digital to fully-advised service as investors financial needs become more complex

Built in the trusted Envestnet platform that’s used by nearly 50,000 advisors, Advisor Now leverages our scalable technology and broad range of service models to support your processes and regulatory obligations.

*Slated for release in 2016. Subject to change and availability.

An Innovative Digital Storefront

With Advisor Now, we help advisors and institutions enhance a client’s investing journey, personalizing the approach to advice according to the needs of the investor. Our innovative digital storefront is built from a reputable wealth advisory platform that adheres to the highest fiduciary standard of care.




Embracing the Digital Revolution

Advisory firms rethinking their approach to consumer-centric digital solutions will want to gravitate toward highly-engaging tools that meet the demands of different client segments. A successful transition includes eight steps that comprise a path toward embracing digital.